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Oct 5, 2021

What if you had the ability to look into the future and see if you were at risk for breast cancer? Or prostate cancer? Or some other life-threatening disease? What if finding out meant that you could make changes in your current lifestyle that could reduce your risk for becoming sick? Or if finding out meant that your family members – your siblings, your parents, your children – could understand their own risks and mitigate their healthcare choices accordingly? We’re talking about GENETIC TESTING and HIGH RISK ASSESSMENT. The science behind genetic testing has evolved tremendously and is continuing be understood better and more precisely. We speak to experts in the genetic testing space about current testing options and about where testing is going and how it could potentially affect your healthcare journey.

Guests include:

Sarah Campian, Certified Genetics Counselor, Genomic Science Liaison

Ryan Freedman, Central Area Director, Enterprise Solutions, Ambry Genetics

Dr. Valentina Bonev, M.D., High Risk Breast Cancer Specialist & Breast Surgical Oncologist

Jennifer Trent, Tested positive for BRCA-1 gene mutation, shares her amazing story – she is a “Pre-vivor!”