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May 13, 2021

Is it possible for a brain to heal?

Words like “hypothalamus,” “cerebellum” and “basal ganglia” sound familiar, but does anyone really know what they are? Or even what they do? Your brain is a miraculous, complex organ that controls your body’s functions. But how does it work exactly? And what’s happening when we get injured? Or sick? Or as we age? How can we keep this intricate, living computer healthy? And what do we do when something does go wrong?

Guests include:

Nate Mendel

  • Nate Mendel is the bassist for the Grammy Award-winning rock band Foo Fighters

Suzie Bash MD

  • RadNet Neuroradiologist, Medical Director of Neuroradiology at San Fernando Valley Interventional Radiology in Los Angeles

Dr. Peter-Brian Andersson

  • Esteemed neurologist

Marc Lakier

  • Composer of the original music used in the YOUR BODY podcast – had a brain tumor at the age of 21.