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Jul 15, 2021

What if there was a way to harness the power of your own immune system to fight cancer and other diseases, to manage pain and regenerate damaged tissues and bones? This is immunotherapy and it’s not science fiction – it’s being used more frequently and developing at an astounding rate. We really are living in the future.

Guests include:

David Hoffman, MD

  • Dr. David Hoffman is Medical Director of Tower Hematology Oncology and professor of medicine at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles. He is a cancer specialist, which means he diagnoses and treats cancers of all types, and he is also trained in blood disorders and the medical treatment of malignancies. He has done research focused on immune therapy for cancer treatment and he incorporates immunotherapy in his treatment of patients when suitable.

Daniel Amirhamzeh MD

  • Dr. Daniel Amirhamzeh is a musculoskeletal radiologist at RadNet’s Beverly Tower Wilshire Advanced Imaging in Los Angeles. HE has expertise and training in Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, or PRP.

Kristi Maya

  • Director of Research at RadNet and the Board President and Director of the Cancer Research Collaboration Foundation.